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Additional Videos
AFib Ablation Using TactiCath™ Quartz Contact Force Catheter with EnSite Precision™ System: A Case Review with Dr. David Kenigsberg
Interview with Dr. Tapan Rami on EXPERIENCE THE NEW REALITY: PAF procedure under 2.5 hours and minimal fluoroscopy with CARTO® 3 System and THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF Catheter
S-ICD Implant with the ZipLine® Closure Device by Dr. Johan Aasbo
Guiding the Treatment of Complex Scar-related Atrial Arrhythmias Using the RHYTHMIA™ Mapping System
The CARTO ® 3 System Experience Round Table: Achieving Excellent Patient Outcomes and an Optimal Operator Experience
Device Pocket Management: Reducing Infection And Ensuring Lead Integrity In High-Risk Patients
Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation with Arctic Front Advance™ Cryoballoon
Workflow insights: CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Technology for an efficient and reproducible workflow that delivers excellent patient outcomes
Webinar: Workflow Insights: Using CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Technology to Drive Efficient Procedures, Optimize Patient Outcomes and Reduce Fluoroscopy
Insights on Patient Selection & Successful Implantation of the S-ICD™ System with Dr. Saumya Sharma & Dr. Karan Bhalla
Cardiac Lead Removal Using the Excimer Laser
Conducting a Successful Screening and Implantation of the S-ICD System
Device Pocket Management Reducing Infection and Ensuring Lead Integrity in High-Risk Patients
De Novo ICD Implant Using the Aquamantys® Bipolar Sealer for Pocket Hemostasis
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Wrap-Up and Q & A
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – The Economics of a CIED Infection
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Impact of the Antimicrobial Pouch on CIED Infection Rates
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Mortality with CIED Infections and Antibiotic Envelope RCT
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Resistant Organisms
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Latest Trends in CIED Infections
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Welcome and Introduction
Reducing the Risk of CIED Infections – Welcome Reception
Biventricular ICD Upgrade and Capsulectomy with TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope and PEAK PlasmaBlade®
Subcutaneous ICD (S-ICD™ System) Implant with Dr. Martin Burke
Device Pocket Management How to Maximize Life of Leads
CRT-D Pulse Generator Replacement/Capsulectomy Using PEAK PlasmaBlade
Chronotropic Incompetence: Prevalent, Relevant, Treatable
Advancements in Fluoro Reduction for the Electrophysiology Lab
Arctic Front Advance™ Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter: Simply Cool
Initial Experiences with the ThermoCool® SF Catheter Webinar
Innovations in 3D Rotational Imaging
Benefits of Advanced Technology in the EP Lab
Hemodynamic Support During Complex VT Ablation: Use of Impella 2.5
Maximizing integration with EP navigator's real-time 3D image acquired in lab and Biosense Webster's CARTO 3
Philips Advanced Tools in Practice — Recorded Live Case with Pierre Jaïs MD in Bordeaux-Pessac, France
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