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AFib Ablation Using TactiCath™ Quartz Contact Force Catheter with EnSite Precision™ System: A Case Review with Dr. David Kenigsberg

Dr. David N. Kenigsberg of Florida Heart Rhythm Specialists, PLLC in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, walks us through a case with a 61-year-old male who has a past medical history of diabetes and hypertension. The patient has had symptomatic AF for over a year and underwent transesophageal echo-guided cardioversion approximately 6 months ago, with an immediate return of AF; he has also been tried on a variety of anti-arrhythmic drugs. The case today will be a radiofrequency pulmonary vein isolation utilizing products from Abbott, inclusive of EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System, TactiCath™ Quartz Contact Force Ablation Catheter, and the Agilis™ NxT Steerable Introducer.