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Patient Selection Patient Education & History Implant Location Pocket Formation Electrode & Device Placement Acute Patient Management Workflow & Follow-up Integrating S-ICD into Practice

Insights on Patient Selection & Successful Implantation of the S-ICD™ System with Dr. Saumya Sharma & Dr. Karan Bhalla

Patient Selection Hear the Electrophysiologist and Cardiologist perspectives on device selection for different patient clinical scenarios. Patient Education & History Hear the patient history and ICD device selection decision for a 43 year old patient at risk of sudden cardiac arrest and hear how patients are educated on the differences between transvenous ICD vs. subcutaneous ICD. Implant Location Review the importance of landmarking and ensuring proper device placement prior to the implant procedure. Pocket Formation Watch the pocket formation for the S-ICD™ System pulse generator to address proper device placement for comfort and tolerability. Electrode & Device Placement View proper placement of the S-ICD™ System electrode with the S-ICD tunneling tool and the final placement of the device. Acute Patient Management Watch acute patient management techniques and hear how to address pain management for the patient. Workflow & Follow-up Hear the perspectives of the electrophysiologist and the cardiologist on how to manage an efficient workflow and follow-up in their practice. Integrating S-ICD into Practice Listen to Dr. Sharma and Dr. Bhalla’s perspectives on how the S-ICD™ System has been integrated into their practices including education of the staff and peers.