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Philips Advanced Tools in Practice — Recorded Live Case with Pierre Jaïs MD in Bordeaux-Pessac, France

This complex atrial fibrillation/flutter case from the Hôpital Cardiologique Haut-Lévêque in Bordeaux-Pessac, France was performed in April 2010. Professor Pierre Jaïs takes the viewer through the clinical history of the patient and the treatment strategy followed in Bordeaux. In 15 minutes, the key moments from the 5.5-hour procedure are highlighted and the treatment progress described.

Prof. Jaïs and visiting professor Dr. Michael Orlov, of Caritas St Elisabeth Medical Center in Boston, MA, provide voiceover comments to illustrate the steps in the procedure and the observed electrograms. After several applications and re-applications of RF energy, roofline block was finally obtained and sustained. The patient was still free of symptoms after 3-month follow-up.